Brendan Murphy, Rosie Holt, Owen Lewis & Daniel Clarkson at The Crown Dual post-show Q&A at Wilton's Music Hall chaired by Terri Paddock at Wilton's Music Hall on 3 Sep 2019. © Peter Jones

My post-show talk for The Crown Dual at Wilton’s Music Hall. © Peter Jones

We were all madly checking our phones for news in the bars afterwards, but while much of last night’s Westminster drama was going on, at Wilton’s Music Hall, we were getting to glorious grip with the (affectionate) comedy potential of the monarchy with The Crown Dual.

In Dan Clarkson‘s new comedy The Crown Dual, transferred for a fortnight after success at Edinburgh Fringe and its premiere earlier this year at the King’s Head Theatre, two actors reimagine the story of how Elizabeth Windsor became Queen Elizabeth II (and recreate two resplendent seasons of blockbuster Netflix series The Crown) in 70 minutes of frenetic hat-passing, period accents, corgi impressions… and audience participation.

On the last, my partner and I were even corralled into proceedings, called up onto the stage to act as buglers providing “royal fanfare” during the Queen’s coronation. (Suffice to say, actor-musicians everywhere can rest easy.)

After the performance, I was back onstage to talk to Dan Clarkson, director Owen Lewis and royally resplendent multi-roling actor-comedians Rosie Holt and Brendan Murphy to talk about audience participation, pork pies, mishaps, Helen Mirren, “groan” lines, American fascination with royals, the future life of the play as the Netflix series continues (season three of a planned six commences in November with Olivia Colman taking over from Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth) and how The Crown Dual can unite a polarised UK (or at least its theatre critics).

Watch – and share – the full post-show Q&A below. And stand by for future production news soon.

The Crown Dual runs at London’s Wilton’s Music Hall until 14 September 2019.

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