I’m getting just a tad excited about this revival of David Mamet‘s 1977 classic American Buffalo. In this interview trailer, star Damian Lewis talks more about Mamet, the play, his co-stars John Goodman and Tom Sturridge, and director, and former drama school classmate, Daniel Evans.

Damian Lewis on American Buffalo in 7 key quotes

  1. Damian on the play’s themes: “It’s about the relationship between friendship and business, between loyalty and the corrosive effect of money”

  2. Damian on the three leads: “These guys desperately long for a shot at the title, for their slice of the American Dream, that they think they’re entitled to. But they misunderstand it and they probably will never have it”

  3. Daman on his character, Teach: “He’s one of the dispossessed, badly educated, a huckster”

  4. Damian on David Mamet: “Every pause, as in Pinter, is intended. The rhythm of his language is very muscular”

  5. Damian on John Goodman: “He’s achieved an iconic Hollywood status as an actor, no least with the Coen Brothers… He’s perfect casting”

  6. Damian on Tom Sturridge: “He seems to have this little film star career which is just starting to blossom, but he’s very much a theatre actor”

  7. Damian on why people should see American Buffalo: “It’ll be an engaging, thought-provoking and – above all, I hope – entertaining play for all generations”

American Buffalo runs from 16 April to 27 June 2015 at the West End’s Wyndham’s Theatre.