TwitterMentions2014-5If you know me at all well, you’ll know that I’m a Twitter addict – which includes a love for all sorts of nerdy things to do with Twitter management and monitoring. And that includes Twitter Analytics, which has been coming on leaps and bounds over the past year.

And so, after an engrossing few hours with spreadsheets, graphs and charts this afternoon – I mentioned that I’m a nerd on the subject, right? – I can’t help but share with you a few collections that give a fascinating insight into not just the stuff I’ve been ranting about on social media over the past 12 months, but more interestingly, the stuff that you, and others like you, have found most interesting of the stuff I’ve been ranting about.

Of course, that stuff mainly has to do with theatre, but also, since May in particular, a fair amount to do with politics, and more particularly Labour Party politics, as well. This, for instance, is my Top Tweet this year (and probably of all time), posted on the day after the General Election and retweeted more than 1,000 times, including by the likes of Rufus Hound.

The first collection below shows my two Top Tweets each month, as measured by number of engagements (in other words, people retweeting, favouring or interacting with it in some other way).

The second collection shows the Top Tweets by other people – including some rather fab folks like James Corden, Adrian Lester, Rory Bremner, Mark Shenton and The Stage – that mention me, one per month.


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