I officially finished my one-month blog challenge on 9 May 2014. And to celebrate, I set myself a new learning challenge: to film and edit my first-ever video blog, in which I grade my progress. So here’s my challenge on the challenge and the challenges I faced in completing it… You get the idea.

Including feedback on my father and the delirium blogs, and my “top five learnings” from the month. If you can’t read all the blogs, bookmark these five. They’re already making a difference in my life – they could in yours too.

And, in case you were wondering, there WILL be more What I Learned Today blogs, just more now and then instead of daily. Every day, with some bigger learning challenges (more on those soon) and other commitments I’ve taken on, was meaning sometimes (often) I was posting at 11.55pm, just squeaking through on my daily deadline.

Still, a great stretch-myself challenge, worth doing. I hope you’ve got something out of it too. Watch and read and I’ll catch you soon.