Venom post-show Q&A with Emma Burnell at the Golden Goose Theatre

Venom post-show Q&A with Emma Burnell at the Golden Goose Theatre

My admiration for Emma Burnell knows no bounds. I followed her as a political journalist and Labour Party activist for years before becoming friends through MyTheatreMates and arts blogging.

And, over the past two years, as we’ve all emerged post-pandemic, I’ve been amazed as she turned her hand so deftly to first playwriting then added directing and producing (with No Cure for Love at the Lion & Unicorn and Triggered at the White Bear).

Now to the mix of her many talents, Emma has taken to the stage herself in her new two-hander Venom, not only acting but also singing onstage.

In Venom, Emma totally reinvents the Medusa myth, relocating it to 21st-century Britain with fascinating modern references to manufactured pop music, MeToo, feminism, ageism, social media addiction, toxic masculinity and incel radicalisation.

Following last night’s performance, I talked to Emma Burnell about her incredible personal and artistic journey to date, and discussed the creative process of putting on this brand-new play with her, her co-star Will Meadows and Venom director Michael Palmer.

Venom runs at London’s Golden Goose Theatre until Saturday 18 November 2023.

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