David Thaxton and Mary Moore in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

New British musical The Sorcerer’s Apprentice has been five years in the making and, like all new musicals, has overcome myriad obstacles. Covid threw down an additional hurdle shortly before it was due to premiere at London’s Southwark Playhouse: another lockdown.

With live in-person performances forced to cancel again, producer James Seabright moved to premiering the show on stream.theatre, with the full-scale production still performed and filmed onstage.

Ahead of the premiere, I had the pleasure of conducting a series of Zoom interviews with co-writers Richard Hough and Ben Morales Frost, director Charlotte Westenra and three of the show’s stars: Olivier Award winner David Thaxton, Dawn Hope, and making her debut in the title role, newcomer Mary Moore.

About The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice explores the extraordinary world of a sorcerer (David Thaxton) and his rebellious daughter (Mary Moore), as she discovers the explosive possibilities of her newfound magical powers. Against the backdrop of the Northern Lights, a small town has been pushed to the brink of collapse in a bid for progress and prosperity. To rescue Midgard from certain destruction, father and daughter must heal their relationship and work together. This gripping family-friendly story sees brooms coming to life and love blossoming anew.

Acclaimed musical theatre writers Richard Hough and Ben Morales Frost have created this gender-swapped twist on the timeless poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which also inspired the Dukas symphony that memorably featured in the Disney film Fantasia.