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My 2014 Edinburgh Fringe firsts

This year, I’m returning from Edinburgh just at the time I would normally be heading up… And that’s not the only difference in my festival going. 2014 has been a year of many Fringe firsts for me: 1. The first time I’ve reported on the Fringe from the shows’ rather than the media perspective. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve attended the Fringe with my old WhatsOnStage hat on, or how many shows I reviewed and/or otherwise judged (for various awards) while wearing that hat. Since leaving WhatsOnStage…
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Embarking on my Edinburgh Festival Highlights adventure

In London, five shows a week is a serious haul. In Edinburgh, that’s small fry. When I was reviewing in Edinburgh, I could easily do twice that in a day. This year, this week, I’m experiencing the festival from a different perspective. I’ve been working with producer James Seabright and Festival Highlights, guest-editing content on their website www.festivalhighlights.com, for the nine shows they’re presenting at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to attend workshops, rehearsals and interviews with the creators and performers of…
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My theatre diary: From tears to laughter with The Crucible, The Events, Invincible and Shakespeare in Love

I’m really doing well for play choices in July. Don’t let the warm weather put you off catching these compelling productions, which scale great heights and depths of emotion. (Apart from the entertainment, most of these theatres were lovely and cool on the hot summer evenings I attended. So you’ll get a respite from the heat as well.) I recommend all four of these productions and list them below in closing date order. Don’t delay with the first two in particular, both of which finish their limited seasons in the…
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Mobile switch-off: My role in the Theatre Charter movement

Have you lost count how many times a mobile has gone off when you’re at the theatre? I have. And I marvel at the timing. Doesn’t it always seem to be at a quiet, crucial moment of performance? In truth, what’s started to annoy me even more than mobiles ringing – it is possible accidentally to forget to turn it off or have it somehow turn itself on of its own accord (this happened to me, I swear) – is the glow of the smartphone screen as people obsessively Tweet…
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Why is Jamie Lloyd and Martin Freeman’s Richard III set in a 1970s open-plan office?

When the production shots for Richard III were first released earlier this week, showing that director Jamie Lloyd had located the Bard’s bloody history play in a 1970s office block, my interest was piqued. After seeing the show at Tuesday’s opening night, my first reaction was to describe the resulting effect as “Get Carter meets The Office”, accentuated by the casting of Tim from The Office, aka actor Martin Freeman, in the title role – or rather Tim’s evil twin with a bad hangover and a hunchback. Richard III It…
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Terri Paddock and writer/director Chris Larner

Photos and podcast: The Frida Kahlo of Penge West post-show Q&A

I had a great time last night (3 July 2014) hosting the post-show Q&A at the hilarious new "two-woman comedy about putting on a one-woman show", The Frida Kahlo of Penge West. I was joined by writer/director Chris Larner and the show's two stars, Cecily Nash and Laura Kirman. Amongst the topics discussed were: comedy quick-changes, funny-sounding place names ("Penge sounds like minge crossed with pension"), Frida Kahlo vs Sylvia Plath, that day's four-star review in Time Out (much back-slapping), the lack of good parts for women in theatre, the…
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My theatre diary: Five plays worth seeing, from Adler to Bakersfield

Despite the considerable distractions of the World Cup, Wimbledon and my own much-talked about (!) triathlon debut in Wales – I’m a sucker for a sporting spectacle – I have been lucky enough to squeeze in some top theatregoing in recent weeks. Here are five plays I can heartily recommend, listed in closing date order. Red Forest and Adler and Gibb both finish their brief limited seasons this Saturday 5 July – so seriously, DO NOT delay if you want to see them! If you follow me on Twitter (@TerriPaddock)…
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The Jersey Boys‘ lost song (and VIDEO): Reminted by original London four

Clint Eastwood eat your heart out. While the Jersey Boys big screen release has received lukewarm reviews, I’m giving a massively big thumbs-up to a small screen release featuring the stage musical’s original four West End stars. Everybody Knows My Name is the brainchild of actor Philip Bulcock, who played The Four Seasons’ Nick Massi at the West End’s Prince Edward Theatre from 2008 to 2010. Philip directed the nine-minute film and persuaded his co-stars Ryan Molloy (who just finished his London run earlier this year and makes his Broadway…
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Hacked off: Bean and Hytner put the Great back into Britain with political satire

The News of the World phone hacking trial may have ended yesterday, but the drama continues at the National Theatre where, less than 24 hours after the end of the eight-month trial at the Old Bailey, outgoing artistic director Nicholas Hytner this morning finally confirmed rumours that Richard Bean has indeed been working on a tabloid journalism satire. Not only that, the new play, boldly titled Great Britain and directed by Hytner, is opening this coming Monday at the National’s Lyttelton! With no previews and tickets only going on sale now.…
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Wanted: Small Asian children for Miss Saigon

Do you have a small, confident, South-East Asian-looking child? If so, Jo Hawes is looking for you. My interest was piqued when I attended Miss Saigon recently at the West End’s Prince Edward Theatre. On the cast credits page of the programme, just below the notification about American stars Eva Noblezada (who plays Kim) and Jon Jon Briones (the Engineer) are here on an Equity exchange, this caught my eye: “We are always looking for TAMS to perform in Miss Saigon. Tam is a boy (sometimes played by a girl!),…
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