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Michael Flatley with young lords of the dance Tom Cunningham, James Keegan, Morgan Comer and Matt Smith at the London Palladium

Photos and podcast: With the original Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley

I’m excited to attend the gala opening tonight of Michael Flatley’s revamped Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. I got a sneak peek recently when a few extracts were performed at a preview event at the London Palladium. In addition to the pounding Irish dancing – performed by a 40-strong company of world champions - and evocative music, there are some truly mind-blowing holographic projections (care of a new screen design technology called Holo-Gauze). At the event, I was asked to chair a Q&A with Michael, guest singer Nadine Coyle…
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Charles Spencer, Mark Shenton, Tim Walker and the “strange world of theatre critics”

When the Daily Telegraph announced yesterday that Charles Spencer is retiring after 25 years as the newspaper’s theatre critic, there was an outpouring of appreciation for Charlie on Twitter: his long service, his astute opinions, his coins of phrase (Nicole Kidman = “pure theatrical Viagra”) and his public battles with his personal demons (alcoholism and depression). [Scroll down for a selection of tweets.] Amongst the blog tributes posted today is one from Mark Shenton, who notes that “theatre criticism is – like acting – a job for which there is…
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Benjamin Scheuer and Terri Paddock at The Lion post-show Q&A, 27 Aug 2014. © Peter Jones

Photos and podcast: The Lion post-show Q&A with Benjamin Scheuer

As I mentioned in my Theatre Diary today, I cannot recommend Benjamin Scheuer’s The Lion highly enough. This is a beautiful one-man musical about a boy and his father and how that boy became a man and fell in love with playing music. Last night, after being blown away by the 70-minute performance, I had the great pleasure of chairing a Q&A with The Lion’s, creator, star and subject, the staggeringly talented composer, lyricist, book writer and guitar wunderkind Benjamin Scheuer. Amongst the topics discussed were: the development of the…
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My theatre diary: Streetcar, My Night with Reg, Muswell Hill, The Lion and Dogfight

Edinburgh aside, my August theatregoing has been sporadic, but here are a few shows I’ve seen recently that are worth catching if you can, especially now that the late summer sunshine seems to have abandoned us. As usual, I list them below in closing date order. If you follow me on Twitter (@TerriPaddock) – please do! – you’ll be able to see my #theatreselfies and initial reactions from my every trip to the theatre. Scroll down to see the tweets for these shows collated below. Muswell Hill I loved Invincible…
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The long and winding road to Employment Tribunal

When Mark Shenton was dismissed as critic from the Sunday Express last December, it was the talking point of the theatre industry, particularly after he blogged for The Stage about the sensational reason for and the manner of the dismissal. Next week, his case against his former employer will be heard in a five-day employment tribunal in Croydon. I know well what Mark has been through over the past eight - long - months, not least because my own unexpected dismissal from WhatsOnStage occurred just a fortnight after his and…
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Shakespeare and chocolate combine in Sweet Theatre bars

Any chance of dieting this month went out the window with the arrival of this beautiful care package of Sweet Theatre’s Shakespeare’s Leading Ladies chocolate bars. Sweet Theatre is the brainchild of Sally Humphreys, a theatre producer and keen confectioner. For many years, Sally has been the cupcake maker of choice for West End openings and theatrical birthdays (in my previous guise, Sally whipped up a tantalizing tower of cakes for me for the tenth birthday of the WhatsOnStage Awards). “Sweet Theatre is an extension of that hobby,” she tells…
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A day in the life of Edinburgh’s busiest TSM (do you know what a TSM is?!)

As part of my recent Festival Highlights Challenge, I had the pleasure of meeting – and, for 24 hours, effectively stalking – Sarah Quinney at the Edinburgh Fringe. Sarah is a Technical Stage Manager for Festival Highlights, one of the Fringe’s most prolific and consistent theatre producers. Every day from 30 July to 25 August this summer, she’s accomplishing the remarkable feat of running four shows in four different venues. If you thought your day – at the festival or anywhere – was hectic, have a gander at Sarah’s daily…
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The Therese Raquin company with Terri Paddock and Francois the Cat, © Peter Jones

Photos and podcast: Therese Raquin post-show Q&A

What a turnout! After a Twitter RT frenzy with the cast of Therese Raquin yesterday, every single one of them joined me for a post-show Q&A after their sensational performance last night at the Park Theatre – including, as promised, feline star, Francois the Cat! We were also joined by Nona Sheppard, who adapted Emile Zola’s original 1867 novel, wrote the book and lyrics and directed this premiere production, as well as musical director James Simpson. Composer Craig Adams, the man behind the richly complex score who worked with Nona…
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Producer cries foul on ATG after free tickets request

What chutzpah! Producer David Johnson's reaction to a request from ATG, the UK's largest theatre owning group, for complimentary tickets to his production of Fascinating Aida's Charm Offensive at this year's Edinburgh Fringe is extraordinary. It shows the frustration of independent producers feeling the squeeze. I reprint Johnson's letter to ATG's Peter Evans in full... And will happily reprint ATG's response, if there is one and anyone wants to send it to me!     Dear Peter, I’ve just been asked whether, in your capacity as ‘AMBASSADORS THEATRE GROUP - HEAD OF…
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Dinosaurs run loose at Pleasance Courtyard, Copyright Callum Tyler

Edinburgh Fringe – and the Pleasance press launch – in pictures

I had photographer company in the form of other half Peter Jones for part of my Festival Highlights visit to this year's Edinburgh Fringe. If a photo is worth a thousand words, you've got a might heavy tome to enjoy with the two picture galleries below. Out and about in Edinburgh at Fringe time Scenes from the 2014 Pleasance press launch on Saturday 2 August 2014
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