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Musicals to make you laugh: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Urinetown

The Book of Mormon now has two major contenders for the title of funniest musical in London. But why just coronate one?! Let’s go ahead and give them all crowns (or tiaras, if they prefer). In any case, rest assured, if you enjoyed the South Park creators’ naughty humour, you will love these two as well. Like The Book of Mormon, these new arrivals also come via New York, but in their UK premiere productions, cast locally, they feel decidedly British in the humour stakes. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Opened last…
By Terri Paddock | 7 April 2014 | , | 4 comments | Read More >

I confess: I am not and never will be a critic

I hate reviewing. There, I said it. Years ago, I reviewed very regularly, and became a member of the Critics’ Circle as a result. But the truth is I’ve always hated doing it. And, the more years I’ve racked up in the theatre industry, the more I’ve grown to hate it. It’s not that I don’t have opinions. Of course, I do – and, given how much theatre I’ve seen, they’re fairly well informed opinions. It’s not that I’m scared of hurting people’s feelings – although, it’s not something I…
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What did I miss? Part Two: Musical chairs

Before we were so rudely interrupted by the weekend and my boyfriend Peter’s demands (schlockily entertaining by the way, even while having to wear 3D glasses), I was recapping “The Month That Theatre Terri Lost”. The point being: a lot has happened, and generally always does happen in Theatreland, amen, let us count our blessings. So on to… Part Two: Musical chairs Made in Dagenham receives its world premiere – It’s been rumoured for over two years, but the photos of the gorgeous (and “luminously talented”) Gemma Arterton (who I must…
By Terri Paddock | 31 March 2014 | , | 2 comments | Read More >

What did I miss? Part One: Tons of transfers

What an odd feeling not to be able to write or shout about theatre - or indeed see much theatre - for more than a month, which was the unfortunate situation I found myself in over the past month and a bit. It's something I haven't experienced since I first stumbled into Theatreland professionally and found my "calling" (I know how cheesy that sounds but seriously that's how I feel about championing theatre) back in 1996 - and it?s an exile I hope to never have to relive. Initially, at…
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The horrors of Headlong’s 1984 strike close to home

I came home from the opening night of Headlong’s 1984 at the Almeida Theatre in a foul mood. It’s a brilliant production and a slick adaptation by Robert Icke (@robertwicke) and Duncan Macmillan (@SleeveNotes) – though slightly over-reliant on the gimmick of performing key scenes backstage and then projecting them onto Orwell’s ever-present telescreens, hung ominously from above – and I’d definitely rate it as a Top Pick for those wanting serious, and seriously haunting, drama. But it should also carry a warning. If you’re already feeling even slightly paranoid,…
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Saskia Reeves’ two contrasting roles: The Mistress Contract and A Disappearing Number

Two things kept coming to mind as I watched The Mistress Contract at the Royal Court. The two-hander, starring Saskia Reeves and Danny Webb, is based on a memoir, authored by the anonymous She and He and published last year. The book, and subsequent play by Abi Morgan, details the couple’s three-decade consensual and contractual arrangement in which he provided her with a home and income and she provided him with on-demand “mistress services”. The first thing that came to mind was another book, A Guide to Surviving Life as…
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Old versus young actors and audiences: Home Sweet Home

Every subsidised theatre, as well as PR and social media savvy commercial producers, has an audience development agenda. Though the idea, of course, is to make theatre accessible to all, including ethnic minorities and disabled groups, the lion’s share of the outreach attention and effort is directed at getting young people into theatre. (Ticketmaster’s recent State of Play report suggests that those efforts are paying off, with 18- to 25-year-olds the fastest growing audience segment.) With good reason, of course – they are the “audiences of tomorrow”. And, I definitely…
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Catching the theatre bug young: more are, according to Ticketmaster

I'm a sucker for a good infographic so, in writing about old vs young audiences in my blog about Home Sweet Home, I couldn't resist dusting off this Ticketmaster infographic from the State of Play report the world's leading ticket agency published in September 2013. Amongst other factoids, according to the Ticketmaster data and research, the fastest-growing audience segment is 18- to 25-year-olds. Some of the stats - and the methodology behind them - have been called into question, but such is the nature of PR-driven research. It's still the…
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Roger Lloyd Pack won’t be resting in peace – he’ll be singing

When a loved actor dies, those of us in the business mourn the person as well as the future performances that we’ll now never see. And we reflect on past performances and, if you’re a journalist, what they were like in past interviews. It is received wisdom that actors and journalists – interviewees and interviewers – can never be friends. You’re both just doing a job. And while that’s largely true, just occasionally, there are beautiful exceptions. For me, Roger Lloyd Pack was one of those exceptions, so I was…
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