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#Goodreads this week: Free ticket etiquette, Janet Suzman, Clooney’s panto lessons

What's caught your eye this week? Here are a few pieces and issues that have caught mine and may be worth a longer look for you too. Free tickets, like free lunches, are paid for in good manners Wall Street Journal theatre commentator Joanne Kaufman admitted to "bolting" at the interval at the majority of Broadway productions she sees, including Matilda, Billy Elliot and Boeing-Boeing - for which she receives free press tickets. Apart from the fact that the woman clearly has no taste, I find this behaviour outrageous. Talk…
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Critics and bloggers should stop clashing and start making a new living

I am fascinated and slightly bemused by the ongoing battle raging around theatre criticism - i.e. the one in which serious print critics are "dying" in favour of bloggers and the Twittersphere - which had swords being drawn yet again this week by recently-removed Sunday Telegraph critic Tim Walker’s howl of despair in the Guardian. Telling off Tim Walker Myriads pundits, paid and otherwise – including the lovely Official Theatre editor and #LDNTheatreBloggers organiser Rebecca Felgate, freelance journalist (and one of my own former contributors) Catherine Love, arts graduate blogger Megan Kinsey…
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My theatre diary: ‘Tis Pity, Made in Dagenham, East Is East and Neville’s Island

I’m playing catch-up. Here are four shows I caught before my turkey-filled escape to the States last week for Thanksgiving. All of which serve up entertaining evenings in the theatre. As usual, I’ve listed them in closing date order. Don’t delay with the first in particular, as it finishes its limited season in a week. For the others, you have a little more time if you want to plan a Christmas holiday treat – but book ahead to avoid last-minute disappointment. If you follow me on Twitter (@TerriPaddock) – please…
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#LoveTheatre Day: How was it for you? My top tweets

Yesterday was the inaugural #LoveTheatre day. Run in partnership with Twitter UK, Guardian Culture Professionals Network and Culture Themes, it was widely embraced by theatres and theatre lovers everywhere. We were trending worldwide! I'm on Twitter for quite a lot of every day, and it's always pretty dizzying. But I have to confess, even for me, yesterday was simply overwhelming. I had Tweetdeck streams running for the #LoveTheatre hashtag, as well as the #Backstage (10am-12pm), #AskATheatre (3-5pm) and #Showtime (#7-10pm) sub-hashtags and they were madly scrolling down my screen non-stop. Mid-afternoon, I…
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My theatre diary: Off-West End plays Accolade, Jonah and Otto and Grand Guignol

There are plenty of plays to choose from on London’s fringe and Off-West End. Here are some that I’ve seen recently and am happy to recommend. As usual, I’ve listed them in closing date order. Don’t delay with the first two in particular, both of which finish their limited seasons this week. If you follow me on Twitter (@TerriPaddock) – please do! – you’ll be able to see my #theatreselfie gallery and initial reactions from my every trip to the theatre. Scroll down to see the tweets for these shows…
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Sondra Lee & Terri Paddock at Go See post-show Q&A. © Peter Jones

Photos: Go See post-show Q&A with the legendary Sondra Lee

You may not have heard of octogenarian Sondra Lee, but you should have. This petite lady is a legend - and I had the privilege of chairing a Q&A with her along with Peter Tate and Lauren Fox, who star in Sondra's world premiere production of Norris Church Mailer's Go See last night at the King's Head Theatre. Norris Church Mailer was the widow of the late American literary giant Norman Mailer. Sondra was friends with them both, and helped Norris develop Go See, her only full-length play, at New…
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10 things you should never say to a copper (c/o Wildefire)

A note in the programme for Wildefire, Roy Williams’ new play about the perils of modern-day policing at Hampstead Theatre, deftly summarises the public relations problem that the police force faces today. Titled “A Policeman’s Lot Is Not a Happy Note”, the piece is written by Brian Paddick, former Deputy Assistant Commission of The Met and one-time mayoral candidate, a man who spent 30 years ‘on duty’, or as his former colleagues would say, ‘in the job’. In their jobs, police officers have to face “some of the most difficult,…
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Does Dr Theatre have a cure for the audience?

My partner Peter had vicious man-flu for over a week so it was only a matter of time until I caught the female equivalent, a.k.a the common cold. Yesterday morning, after a no-sleep night, I “woke up” feeling terrible: heavily congested, nose streaming, cotton-wool head and aches all over. I cancelled a 10am meeting, chugged a Lemsip, went back to bed and only managed to drag myself into an upright position again about mid-day. Work yesterday afternoon was conducted via my new office on the sofa, beneath a duvet. But…
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7 essentials needed for a show to score on the Hitometer

Most review publications rate shows on a five-star basis. But even full fives across the board from every theatre critic in the country won’t guarantee a hit. So what does? Over his 30-odd years working in theatre – creating, building, running and marketing venues, shows and festivals – my friend Chris Grady has come up with his own formula for success, which he believes is as close to foolproof as they come. The Hitometer In his new book Your Life in Theatre, Chris advises theatre makers to always ask which…
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Theatre bloggers unite for drinks and free tickets

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of attending the second official gathering of the London theatre bloggers, an amorphous group of 30-odd who you can follow collectively at #LDNTheatreBloggers on Twitter. While mainstream critics have come under increasing pressure, the bloggers are baying and hammering at the gates – although very politely and enthusiastically. True, as many PRs may moan, there are some theatre bloggers who are just in it for the free tickets. Also true, as most professional freelancers will wail, the proliferation of free content undermines the…
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