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Post-show video and photos: Jason Manford on why Kander & Ebb’s Curtains is made for the West End

Curtains, the murder mystery musical comedy by Chicago and Cabaret creators Kander & Ebb, had its Broadway premiere in 2007 in a production starring Frasier's David Hyde Pierce. Why has it taken so long for it to at last receive its West End premiere? And why is it so very perfect for the West End? In the show-within-a-show, the star of a troubled new Broadway-bound musical Robbin Hood is murdered on stage on opening night in Boston and all the cast and crew are suspects. Local detective Frank Cioffi (with…
By Terri Paddock | 16 December 2019 | , , , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

The Signalman post-show video and photos: How did a train crash change Charles Dickens’ writing?

After Tania Amsel's new play Blood Orange the night before, I returned to the Old Red Lion Theatre for Paragon Theatre's adaptation of Charles Dickens' ghost story The Signalman. Dickens in December and it isn't A Christmas Carol? It's a must-see for aficionados and newcomers alike. How well do you know your Dickens? I got a mini-education thanks to my post-show talk at The Signalman not just thanks to adapter Martin Malcolm, but also from several Dickens aficionados in the audience. In this 1866 short story, one of Dickens' last…
By Terri Paddock | 12 December 2019 | , , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

Blood Orange post-show video and photos: How critical is the NHS in this General Election?

How worried are you about the myriad pressures on the NHS today? Will you be thinking about the future of the NHS when you go to the ballot box?
By Terri Paddock | 11 December 2019 | , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

Potted Panto post-show video and photos: Which is your favourite Christmas pantomime?

It's official! Christmas is coming up fast. And that, of course, means it's pantomime season. How do you choose which of the biggies to see this year? Why choose? See the seven (or maybe twelve) top pantomimes in one hilarious show care of Potted Panto.
By Terri Paddock | 8 December 2019 | , , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

Escape From Planet Trash post-show video and photos: Sink the Pink continues its queer trilogy in outer space

A year on, during which they've released a single with Melanie C, Sink the Pink are back at the Pleasance Theatre with the second in their queer trilogy of alternative Christmas shows. Ginger Johnson and co are on top form.
By Terri Paddock | 4 December 2019 | , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

An Act of God post-show video and photos: Blasphemy & belly laughs with David Javerbaum, Zoe Lyons & co

How do you get SIX MILLION followers on Twitter? As someone who spends all day most days on social media, I'm staggered by the very notion. It must require divine intervention... of sorts.
By Terri Paddock | 29 November 2019 | , , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

The Play That Goes Wrong post-show video and photos: How do costumes add to Mischief Theatre’s global brand?

What part do costumes play in branding for The Play That Goes Wrong around the world? How are they made durable enough to survive eight performances a week of one of Theatreland's most physical productions?
By Terri Paddock | 20 November 2019 | , , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

The House of the Spirits post-show video and photos: How does a country – and a family – recover from dictatorship?

Are you fans of Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits? Allende's multi-award-winning debut novel, released in 1982, charts four generations of one family from the 1920s and the 1970s, and how tightly intertwined their personal fortunes are with political winds of change.
By Terri Paddock | 4 November 2019 | , , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

The Good Scout post-show video and photos: How worried should we be about parallels between the 1930s and today?

While MPs were voting for an election that is likely to accelerate the UK's lurch to the right, I was back at Above The Stag Theatre last night talking about the increasingly worrying parallels - and historic dominoes - between the 1930s and today. Is it any wonder that The Good Scout left me in tears, even on second viewing?
By Terri Paddock | 30 October 2019 | , , , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >

David Walliams on getting the RSC’s ‘stamp of approval’ with The Boy in the Dress musical

During rehearsals for The Boy in the Dress, I spoke to David Walliams about his inspiration for the original story, his burgeoning career as a children’s writer and how he feels having his work adapted by the RSC.
By Terri Paddock | 24 October 2019 | , , , , , , | 0 comments | Read More >