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Occasionally, I have thoughts that have either have nothing to do with theatre – astonishing – or that cross other private boundaries. You can find these ramblings here.

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The long and winding road to Employment Tribunal

When Mark Shenton was dismissed as critic from the Sunday Express last December, it was the talking point of the theatre industry, particularly after he blogged for The Stage about the sensational reason for and the manner of the dismissal. Next week, his case against his former employer will be heard in a five-day employment tribunal in Croydon. I know well what Mark has been through over the past eight - long - months, not least because my own unexpected dismissal from WhatsOnStage occurred just a fortnight after his and…
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When did you catch the theatre bug? (VIDEO)

Every theatregoer has their own story about what and who turned them on to theatre. For me, growing up in the United States, it all started with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Years later, after moving to London, I got to meet him and work for his company, the Really Useful Group. This video blog – using my still very fledgling filming and editing skills (please bear with me)! - tells the story of my family and our first Phantom of the Opera experience, involving Michael Crawford, food poisoning, embarrassment on Rodeo…
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What I Learned Today: End of month video report

What I learned today: End of challenge VIDEO report (+ my first-ever vlog!)

I officially finished my one-month blog challenge on 9 May 2014. And to celebrate, I set myself a new learning challenge: to film and edit my first-ever video blog, in which I grade my progress. So here’s my challenge on the challenge and the challenges I faced in completing it… You get the idea. Including feedback on my father and the delirium blogs, and my “top five learnings” from the month. If you can’t read all the blogs, bookmark these five. They’re already making a difference in my life –…
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What I learned today: How to stop bad memories from ruining your mood

This is it, folks: I’ve reached the – slightly extenuated – end of my month-long daily learning blog challenge. And I wanted to finish with one to keep you happy! Let me set a scene. You meet up for dinner with a friend sometime after a recent sad event – your boyfriend dumped you, your dog got run over – and, in an effort to commiserate, they want to hear all about it. You’re sure that you’re feeling fine as you start to retell the incident and, moments later, you’re…
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What I learned today: Where to get free water (and why you don’t need to ditch your bottle at airport security)

My partner’s sister Carry was in a tizz the other day as she related her airport tale of woe. She and her husband were travelling with their two thirsty children and had made the mistake of buying bottles of water for everyone before they checked in – only to have them confiscated a few moments later at airport security. Her losses mounted when, once scanned and frisked, she spent more than £10 buying replacement bottles at a departure lounge shop. Why, I asked, didn’t she just empty the bottles pre-security…
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What I learned today: How to create a custom short URL (terri.im)

I’ve decided to squeeze in a special request before the official end of my #WhatILearnedToday daily blog challenge. If you follow me on Twitter (@TerriPaddock), you may have noticed – as keen follower and learner-requester Jonathan Baz (@MrJonathanBaz) did – that my tweet hyperlinks have looked a little different recently. Here are a few examples – can you spot what it is? Extraordinary: 17% of Brits in a new survey say they’d have sex with a robot. Who are these people? #AlmostHuman http://t.co/n4Sm9Oxcpx — Terri Paddock (@TerriPaddock) May 6, 2014 Btw,…
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What I learned today: Five-minute meditation for dummies (you DON’T have to sit like this!)

Learning meditation is one of those things I’ve had on my life to-do list for years. I have several friends who swear by it and who have been to multiple escape-way-out-of-London retreats where they do NOTHING but meditate – well, and sleep and eat, but no talking, reading or writing – for days on end. While I have never imagined that I could, or would want to, ever take the practice that far, I have envied them their apparent calm, and was keen to get my own hands on some…
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What I learned today: How to find your Myers-Brigg personality type

Have you been Myers-Brigged? I first heard of this “personality inventory” test in a psychology course at university, and first encountered it in the real world in my late twenties when working at a high-tech PR agency in London. The firm used various Myers-Brigg questionnaires during recruitment and for planning team and management structures. (As do a huge number of Fortune 500 companies.) For the uninitiated, Myers-Brigg – or the Myer-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI), to give it its full, copyrighted name – is based on Jungian theories of psychological type.…
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What I learned today: Beware confirmation bias – and why decision-making is getting harder

Composing yesterday’s blog about my recent experience with Hopi ear candles, first evangelising and then debunking them, provided me with a reminder lesson opportunity about confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the tendency to seek out “proof” that confirms our preconceived notions on a subject or existing belief – and we are all prone to this all of the time, on scales big and small. Religious folks actively, and unconsciously, seek out and interpret events as evidence of God’s will. We don’t like someone, we pick up on any details that…
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What I learned today: Hopi ear candles are a con (probably)

I first came across Hopi ear candles about 15 years ago at a new age festival at Alexandra Palace in London where an exhibitor was selling, for my pocket, far-too-pricey therapy sessions. Shortly after, while at a meeting in Willesden Green, I happened upon a homeopathic shop that stocked ear candles by Biosun, the leading supplier since 1986, and I snapped up a supply to use at home. The “candles” are wickless, hollow tubes, about 22cm long, usually made from cotton, flax, beeswax and infused with St John’s wart, chamomile…
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