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Occasionally, I have thoughts that have either have nothing to do with theatre – astonishing – or that cross other private boundaries. You can find these ramblings here.

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Roger Lloyd Pack won’t be resting in peace – he’ll be singing

When a loved actor dies, those of us in the business mourn the person as well as the future performances that we’ll now never see. And we reflect on past performances and, if you’re a journalist, what they were like in past interviews. It is received wisdom that actors and journalists – interviewees and interviewers – can never be friends. You’re both just doing a job. And while that’s largely true, just occasionally, there are beautiful exceptions. For me, Roger Lloyd Pack was one of those exceptions, so I was…
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What’s the difference between a journal and a blog?

I am late to the blogging game. Well, sort of. I have written columns and occasional editor’s blogs – not to mention countless news, interviews, features and other articles – in previous online guises. But I’ve never had the gumption, nor frankly the time, to commit to a regular blog with my name and my name only at the top of it. So this is a new challenge for me. But I have high hopes, and ones that aren’t entirely unfounded. In my youth, I was a prolific and dedicated…
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