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Occasionally, I have thoughts that have either have nothing to do with theatre – astonishing – or that cross other private boundaries. You can find these ramblings here.

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What I learned today: The difference between delirium and dementia – and how it can affect your parents

(Preface: After a two-week, medically-necessitated hiatus, I'm able to resume my learning blog challenge - with a serious topic. I urge you to read this one, especially if you have elderly parents facing an operation at any point in the future.) On Tuesday 1 April 2014, I launched my personal “What I Learned Today” blog challenge, to learn and share something new every day. Six blogs later, I crashed to a halt. I don’t abandon commitments lightly. With references in my last two blogs to my father’s hospitalisation and a…
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What I learned today: Free wifi at Heathrow … 45 minutes and counting

The follow-up family call came last night so this morning I’m at Heathrow waiting for my flight to Huntsville, Alabama via Washington DC. (In case you ever wondered, there are no direct flights from London – or anywhere international – to Hunstville. I can travel to San Francisco in half the time, despite Huntsville being 1,100 miles nearer.) One useful thing about not being able to have a job at the moment is that, when a family emergency occurs, I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to take off at…
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What I learned today: How to file away your worries

The plan today was to tell you what I’ve learned about Morse Code… Then this morning, I woke up to a clutch of worrying texts from my family back in the States. What was meant to be a routine operation on my father has gone wrong with some truly horrific, unforeseen consequences. After various phone calls, including a very long one trying to reinstate airmiles with United to try to make an emergency trip home slightly more affordable, by mid-afternoon I had a reservation on a standby flight to Alabama…
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What I learned today: How to get the best bits of church with pop songs and no mention of God

Having just posted about St Paul's Cathedral, it may seem a little odd to immediately follow up with an apparently "anti-church" blog, but I did warn you that my topics, and the scheduling of them, would be random as part of this month's challenge! So here goes on today's... I have many deeply religious relatives back in the US, dotted along the Bible Belt (Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, etc). I love them dearly, even though I’m pretty certain they believe I’m going to hell. I quietly, without any fuss, gave…
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What I learned today: London has two St Paul’s Cathedrals

I’ve lived in London for more than 20 years and there are still whole areas I’ve never heard of, let alone been to. Once you factor in the sheer magnitude of things I don’t know about London, both past and present, well, that would be a world wide web of blogs on its own. I won’t attempt to catalogue them all here, but will throw some quirky ones in every once in awhile. I just love that this city can constantly surprise and delight me – still – and that’s…
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What I learned today: The fastest way to organise a girls’ night out

There are two universal truths about modern life (in fact there are more than two, but these are the ones relevant to what I’m going to tell you): Everyone is busy Everyone receives too many emails Is this true for you too? Of course it is, it’s universal. And one of the surest ways to exacerbate both conditions is trying to organise a night out with friends. Or indeed any occasion involving more than two people. This one can only do mornings, that one can only do afternoons, this one…
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What I learned today: WordPress scheduling and the importance of designers

Today I learned something incredibly important if you’ve just set yourself a public challenge of blogging daily on a particular theme: in WordPress, if you pre-schedule a post to go live at a certain time, you better make sure you’ve used the scheduling dial correctly. (Make sure it’s a date in the future, click the OK button, then the Publish/Schedule button). Otherwise, your lovely post about cheap massages just languishes like tumbleweed in draft form, unpublished, unloved. And, unwittingly, you might auto-schedule a tweet-out to a 404 page error. Sorry…
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What I learned today: How to get a massage and facial in London for £44

It may be foolish to launch on April Fool’s Day, but please reserve judgment until the 31st. For the month of April 2014, I’ve set myself a challenge: to learn something new every day. The something new has got to be useful, if only to me, and I’ve got to share it, if only with you (the three – or is it four? – people currently reading this blog. Thanks for stopping by). The rules and/or general parameters are simple: I post something right here every day. But like any…
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Roger Lloyd Pack won’t be resting in peace – he’ll be singing

When a loved actor dies, those of us in the business mourn the person as well as the future performances that we’ll now never see. And we reflect on past performances and, if you’re a journalist, what they were like in past interviews. It is received wisdom that actors and journalists – interviewees and interviewers – can never be friends. You’re both just doing a job. And while that’s largely true, just occasionally, there are beautiful exceptions. For me, Roger Lloyd Pack was one of those exceptions, so I was…
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Journals from my youth take up an entire shelf in my home library - and bear the scars of furious writing and re-reading over the years

What’s the difference between a journal and a blog?

I am late to the blogging game. Well, sort of. I have written columns and occasional editor’s blogs – not to mention countless news, interviews, features and other articles – in previous online guises. But I’ve never had the gumption, nor frankly the time, to commit to a regular blog with my name and my name only at the top of it. So this is a new challenge for me. But I have high hopes, and ones that aren’t entirely unfounded. In my youth, I was a prolific and dedicated…
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