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Are you a journalist or programme maker looking for an independent but authoritative voice on UK theatre? I have been commenting in the national and international press for many years. Please get in touch if I can help with a story that you’re working on. Here are a few recent press clippings.



Young Reporters at Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre

Terri Paddock speaks to Bradford Radio’s drive-time presenters about the Young Reporters Scheme, run by TheatreCloud.com and the Touring Consortium’s forthcoming stage adaptation of Pat Barker’s Regeneration. Interview starts 53 seconds in.
4 August 2014: Listen to the full interview online here.



Stephen Fry backs charter to switch mobiles off

The Theatre Charter campaign to crack down on thoughtless behaviour has got the actor on board. Terri Paddock says on smartphone usage during performances: “It’s staggering how often it happens. It makes the actors’ job much more difficult, because they feed off the energy of the audience.”
3 August 2014: Read the full article online here.



Jersey Boys gets seasonal competition

The Independent‘s diary picks up on and quotes from another Terri Paddock blog, this time on the release of Jersey Boys‘ star Philip Bulcock’s short film, Everybody Knows My Name, starring his original West End co-stars Ryan Molloy, Stephen Ashfield and Glenn Carter.
12 July 2014: View the full article here.



Lloyd Webber’s Cats and Evita musicals return to West End

Terri Paddock says: The success of Miss Saigon shows there’s a nostalgia for blockbusters from the Seventies and Eighties. “It is proving to be a great year for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s back catalogue.”
27 June 2014: Read the full article online here.



Would a World War I musical from Belgium play well on Broadway?

This radio feature is about 14-18, which hopes to transfer from Belgium to Broadway and the West End. Les Miserables aside, musicals that originate outside the London-New York axis have a checkered past on Broadway or in the West End, Terri Paddock says. “You have to really understand why it’s successful in its current market and why that would translate to the transfer market.”
23 June 2014: Read the accompanying article online here.


Tony Awards 2014: British women turn the Tonys into the Antonias

Following Terri’s own blog on Sonia Friedman and female producers, the Independent on Sunday ran this piece. Terri Paddock says: “I’ve been writing about theatre for 17 years now and I have definitely noticed an increase in British female producers. Of the crop of emerging producers, more than half are women.”
8 June 2014: Read the full article online here.


There will be blood! Theatre directors painting the stage is red is good for fake blood suppliers

Tipped off by Terri’s own blogs on stage blood, Independent arts correspondent Nick Clark extracted from one blog in the Saturday newspaper and followed up with this news feature in the Independent on Sunday, in which Terri Paddock says: “It does seem to be the influence of films and television on the younger theatre directors like Jamie Lloyd that is causing the trend for more blood on stage.”
1 June 2014: Read the full article online here.


Matilda director Matthew Warchus to take over from Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic

Terri Paddock says: “It is a fantastic appointment. Matthew Warchus is a brilliant director and has had so many great hits to his name on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet he’s never run a theatre. Every time a major vacancy comes up, he’s on the wishlist.”
22 May 2014: Read the full article online here.

BBC News

The Pajama Game woos new breed of investor

Terri Paddock says: “It’s the same type of risk that any producer has when putting together the project to begin with. Crowdfunders are the audience, so you have to catch their imagination even earlier and more provocatively for them to put their hand in their pockets before they even buy a ticket.”
12 May 2014: Read the full article online here.


I Can’t Sing closure

Following Terri’s own blog on the early closure announcement, she is interviewed live about the West End run of Simon Cowell’s X Factor musical. 
5 May 2014: Listen to the full podcast on Itunes.

Back to the Future adapted for West End musical

Terri Paddock says: The project is “helped by having [Jamie] Lloyd – ‘the hottest director of any age at the moment’ – on board… Musicals are such a risk and such an expensive proposition so, of course, producers are looking to de-risk it as much as possible so if you have a familiar name, be it a movie name or a back catalogue of songs, then the idea is audiences have something to hook in to.'”
31 January 2014: Read the full article online here.

BBC News

Do theatre shows really sell out?

Terri Paddock says: “The ticket shortage is only really a problem with subsidised theatre, in small theatres like the Donmar, the Royal Court Upstairs, or the [soon-to-reopen] Cottesloe at the National. But the subsidised theatres have very organised systems for dealing with ticket exchanges – there’s a regular supply.”
23 January 2014: Read the full article online here.


As seen on Sky News

Commenting on the Olympic opening ceremony