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Q&A podcast and photos: Talking prison lessons with Held’s writer, director and stars

By |2020-03-27T18:06:20+00:0010 June 2017|

What's the most important lesson in a prison 'education'? HELD is a hard-hitting new British prison drama exploring the broken lives of five inmates, including two young offenders (both played by Jack Brett Anderson) incarcerated for the first time and learning fast that there's a price to pay for everything...

Q&A photos and podcast: Swinging Sixties-style with new musical Pete ‘n’ Keely

By |2020-03-27T18:23:05+00:007 May 2017|

A string of hits, a cast of two, ‘Forever Plaid’ meets ‘I Do, I Do’. James Hindman's 2000 Off-Broadway musical two-hander Pete ‘n’ Keely gets its European premiere at Tristan Bates Theatre. The production, directed by Matthew Gould, stars David Bardsley and Katie Kerr as the titular stars in a primetime TV bust-up.

Photos and podcast: Breaking taboos at Lazarus ‘Tis Pity debate

By |2020-03-28T21:38:05+00:0031 August 2016|

Are there any stage taboos left? John Ford's 17th-century romantic thriller 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, centring on an incestuous relationship between a brother and sister, is one of the most controversial in the classical canon. Does it still have the power to shock?