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Q&A video and photos: Little Voice makes a big impact at the Barn

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Are women punished in drama for liking sex and drink? What has modern classic The Rise and Fall of Little Voice got in common with Greek drama? What's the secret to vocal impressions?

One Minute Q&A video and photos: Who’s offended by bad language onstage and why?

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When I first saw the Barn Theatre revival of Simon Stephens' 2003 play One Minute, I was struck by the stunningly assured direction of Barn artistic director Iwan Lewis making his directorial debut.

Q&A video and photos: Things are blooming with The Secret Garden at Cirencester’s new Barn Theatre

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The Barn Theatre's inaugural production of The Secret Garden extended by a fortnight - which very helpfully allowed me to fit another trip to Cirencester and a post-show Q&A into the diary. And I'm so glad.
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