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The House of the Spirits post-show video and photos: How does a country – and a family – recover from dictatorship?

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Are you fans of Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits? Allende's debut novel charts four generations of one family from the 1920s and the 1970s, and how tightly intertwined their personal fortunes are with political winds of change.

The Eyes of the Night Q&A video and photos: Using darkness to enlighten audiences about visual impairment

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A middle-aged businesswoman hires a blind man to spend an hour with her in a hotel room. Why are they really there? Will she be able to experience the darkness in order to see the light?

The Reality Q&A video and photos: What’s the state of new Spanish playwriting?

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The Cervantes Theatre's headlines its third New Spanish Playwriting season with the full UK and English-language premiere of Denise Despeyroux's one-woman show The Reality, which had a dramatised reading at the theatre last year.

Yerma Q&A video and photos: What toll does the titanic title role take on an actress?

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Federico Garcia Lorca spent three months in Cuba in 1930 - six years before he was assassinated (aged just 38) by Franco nationalists in his native Spain. He fell in love with the Caribbean island nation and it with him. And it's this association that inspired Jorge de Juan in his new adaptation of Lorca classic Yerma.

Ay, Carmela! Q&A video and photos: Do only the dead remember the Spanish Civil War?

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How much do you know about the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)? Who fought on the side of the Republicans and who for the Nationalists? What happened to those who got caught in the middle, such as Paulino and Carmelo in Jose Sanchis Sinisterra's Ay, Carmela!?

Blood Wedding Q&A and podcast: What happens when you relocate Lorca to modern London?

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What a reminder that live theatre is LIVE, that things can go wrong and that that's all part of the excitement. 

Acts of theatre resistance: Insignificance, The Lorax, Young Marx, Imagine This, Bernarda Alba

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Clockwise from top left: Young Marx, The House of Bernarda Alba, Insignificance, Imagine This

Plays diary: What Shadows, Ink, The Unknown Island, Lucy Light, The Swallow

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Clockwise from top left: What Shadows, Lucy Light, The Swallow, Ink and The Unknown

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