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Chaplin post-show video and photos: What led to the birth of the Little Tramp?

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Have you ever seen Charlie Chaplin's classic film The Great Dictator? Eighty years after it was released, it feels terrifyingly current. We get a glimpse of why with the inclusion of its final speech in Arrows & Traps' latest offering.

Q&A video and photos: What would Pete Buttigieg think of his Jekyll & Hyde incarnation?

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Arrows & Traps' 18th production in its five-year history is also its tenth at London's Brockley Jack Theatre, where it is now an associate company, and its third in a Gothic trilogy. And it's a corker.

Prometheus updated: From Frankenstein to artificial intelligence in The Test

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Christopher Tester in Frankenstein and Natasha Killam in The Test It has been

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