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Q&A video and photos: Discussing Paula Hawkins’ hit thriller The Girl on the Train with Samantha Womack and cast

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What is it about a great whodunnit thriller? What makes us keep turning the page? How does that inquisitive excitement translate onstage?

Q&A podcast and photos: Lessons in kindness and comedy on Fried Meat Ridge Rd.

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I had a hunch that this would be an especially amusing post-show Q&A and the company and audience of American hillbilly comedy Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Rd., now transferred to the West End's Trafalgar Studios 2 for a limited season, did not disappoint.

Photos: Equal parenting, Fathers4Justice and Strindberg’s The Father

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I’m still reeling after the thrillingly heated and thought-provoking panel discussion I hosted last night at Trafalgar Studios 2. This was the second in a series of post-show events I’ve programmed around issues and themes raised in Jagged Fence’s explosive new production of Strindberg’s The Father.

Photos: Feminism, Fifty Shades of Grey and The Father

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How far have we come with feminism since August Strindberg was writing in the 1880s? “About halfway,” said Polly Toynbee on Monday night at Trafalgar Studios, in the first of a series of post-show panel discussions I’ve programmed and am hosting around Jagged Fence’s explosive new production of Strindberg’s The Father.

You’re invited: Join my post-show panel debates at The Father

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that a well-run Q&A can not only give theatregoers greater insights into the creative process, it can deepen connections with the play and its themes for both artists and audiences.
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