Discussing the creation of new British musical Superhero at post-show Q&A at Southwark Playhouse. © Anthony Kelly

My post-show talk for Superhero at Southwark Playhouse. © Anthony Kelly

How many creatives does it take to make a one-man musical? The answer can be “quite a few”. And that it is in the case of Superhero, the British one-man – or rather “one-dad” – musical now receiving its world premiere at London’s Southwark Playhouse.

Get social media for Superhero & all other London musicals on www.stagefaves.com

Get social media for Superhero & all other London musicals on www.stagefaves.com

At a post-show Q&A I chaired after last night’s performance, I was joined by the show’s three writers Richy Hughes (lyrics), Joseph Finlay (music) and Michael Conley (book), as well as director Adam Lenson, musical director Joe Bunker and one-dad star Michael Rouse to discuss Superhero‘s evolution, from an idea conceived after a ride on London Eye, through introductions via the ground-breaking Book Musics & Lyrics workshop programme, Stiles & Drewe Prize-winning success for standout song “Don’t Look Down”, workshop development and now critic acclaim in its full form here at Southwark Playhouse.

What are the four sweetest words in the English language? “Ninety minutes, no interval”

Superhero centres on Colin Bradley, a stay-at-home dad who adores his daughter Emily. After separation from his wife, he’s now battling to retain access to his child, and willing to don cape and, despite being acrophobic, scale the heights of Big Ben as well as the family courts to win.

For production photography and more social media, visit the show’s #StageFaves page.

Superhero continues at Southwark Playhouse until 22 July 2017.

Pre-show video

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Event photography by Anthony Kelly.