Have you been avoiding Twitter entirely? Or just haven’t got round to setting it up for a new show or project yet? I can register and configure your account, including finding the most suitable Twitter handle and hashtags. I will set your account up in a way so that it is fully optimised to be found easily by others and to promote your show most effectively

What’s included

Step 1: Set me up

  • Account registration, set up and appropriate configuration
  • Best use of your name, bio, and links fields

  • Best use of profile, banner and background image fields (artwork must be provided by you)
  • Starter Twitter Lists
  • Auto-generated Twitter Lists
  • Notification and other settings

Step 2: Sort me out

  • A one-on-one session with your appointed day-to-day Twitter account manager to:
  • Look at how you should monitor, manage and engage with Twitter on a daily basis
  • Set up the most effective Twitter management tools and systems for the job, tailored to your needs
  • Advise on what and how often to tweet
  • Forward-plan your tweet schedule
  • Answer any questions or concerns about Twitter
  • Follow-up after two weeks to review progress, set targets and make further recommendations

Works best for

New companies, companies going through a rebranding or producers preparing a new show.

Timing is paramount for new shows! You should have your Twitter account set up before making any announcement, and your handle and hashtag should be prominently displayed on any press releases or marketing materials.

Who should attend?

For the one-on-one tutorial session, the person responsible for the day-to-day management of the Twitter account – be they the PA, marketing manager, press officer, producer or other. They will need to have their PC and smartphone, with good Internet access.


I will need two working days to research, set up and optimise your account. The one-on-one tutorial session will require a minimum of two hours, ideally in your office.

The results

You’ll be up and running on Twitter, with both the platform and the person managing it fully optimised to get you noticed.

Price: £500

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