Are you seizing the huge potential of webinar marketing?

There’s been an explosion of webinars since the coronavirus lockdown.

Why? Because savvy content marketers know that webinars – done well – are incredibly effective for educating through thought leadership, building brand awareness, generating leads and strengthening relationships at every stage of the customer journey.

Now, with live events and travel cancelled for the foreseeable future, and most of us working from home, they’ve really come into their own. The problem? Too often, webinars aren’t done well. Too often, they’re just plain boring and, consequently, don’t meet business objectives

That’s why you need Terri

As a professional moderator for your webinar, whether it’s an exclusive interview with your CEO, training tutorial or panel discussion, a one-off or a series, Terri Paddock brings her wealth of chairing and journalistic experience to create an engaging event that keeps attendees tuned in.

Terri is highly adept at coaxing the best out of any speaker and engaging audiences. A serial entrepreneur and communications professional with over 25 years’ experience in events, online publishing, social media, content marketing and public relations, Terri has chaired over a thousand Q&As with a wide range of corporate executives and experts as well as leading creatives such as Judi Dench, Patrick Stewart and Orlando Bloom.

Your Webinar Moderator Package

As your professional moderator, Terri will work closely with your team to:

  • Pre-event planning – Advise on the best format, set the agenda, test the platform and rehearse

  • Panellist preparation – Liaise with speakers beforehand to review topics and agree key talking points

  • Chairing of webinar – Host and steer the webinar, asking relevant intelligent questions, driving audience interaction, summarising key business takeaways and sticking to time

  • Buzz-boost social – Tweet to her 15,000 followers before and after the event. And share on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

  • Video clips – Edit video clips that can be shared on social media

  • Follow-up coverage – Publish a multimedia blog on

Terri Paddock hosting Securys webinar

Maximise your webinar marketing from £500

Optional add-ons

Terri can provide additional videos, transcript, press releases and blogs based on your webinar, which are invaluable for long-tail content marketing.

* Exact pricing dependent on length of webinar, number of panellists and one-off or curated series. Discounts available for non-profits.


Terri is a superb compere, providing fantastic value. We’ll definitely use her for our future webinars

Ben Rapp, CEO of Securys

The way Terri moderates means that a webinar tells a story, with key takeaways that the audience will remember for a long time

Cindy Heidebluth, Head of Marketing, Securys