People who see me in the theatre no doubt assume I’m always armed with my little notebook and scrambling for the pen that always seems to have fallen to the bottom of my bag because I’m a critic. [Readers of this blog know, however, that I never lay claim to that label.]

But I’m not making notes for reviews: it’s the quotes I want. I can’t help it, I’m a quote fiend. As it happens, I also find the plays that have me scribbling fastest are the ones that I feel compelled to recommend most enthusiastically.

So here are some of my favourite lines – at least the legible ones (my penmanship is awful) – from recent weeks’ playgoing. And my highest recommendations from the six plays that these derive from:

  • Snoo Wilson’s Alan Turing bio-play Lovesong of the Electric Bear, in Matthew Parker’s playful revival now transferred from the Hope Theatre to the studio Above the Arts
  • Jon Brittain’s new comedy about transgender relationship trials and tribulations, Rotterdam, in its world premiere season at Theatre 503
  • Ian Kelly’s adaptation of his own acclaimed history book, Mr Foote’s Other Leg, a true “love letter to the theatre” that tells the story of 18th-century comedian Samuel Foote, the man who earned the Haymarket (where, so fittingly, Kelly’s play is now running) its Theatre Royal status

Scroll down for booking dates and tweet reactions to these six plays, as well as other shows I’ve seen recently.

Booking dates

  1. ROTTERDAM – Theatre 503 until 21 November 2015
  2. LOVESONG OF THE ELECTRIC BEAR – Above the Arts until 21 November 2015
  3. THE HAIRY APE – the Old Vic until 21 November 2015
  4. DINNER WITH FRIENDS – Park Theatre until 28 November 2015
  5. HARLEQUINADE – Garrick Theatre until 13 January 2016
  6. MR FOOTE’S OTHER LEG – Theatre Royal Haymarket until 23 January 2016

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