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Our Also Recognised Awards partner Mike Dixon demonstrates Musical Direction in action

Our Also Recognised Awards partner Mike Dixon demonstrates Musical Direction in action


For all the planning and preparation I’ve been doing with Mark Shenton over the past few months, even I am a little taken aback by the response to our launch yesterday of and the Also Recognised Awards, including the UK’s first-ever award for Best Musical Direction.

I couldn’t be more delighted, and, on the back of last week’s news about my tribunal win over WhatsOnStage, I’m also more than a little bowled over by the warmth and goodwill coming my way. In addition to, as one friend described it, ‘setting the Twittersphere alight’ yesterday, supporters embraced me in person at the opening of Hugh Whitemore’s Stevie last night at Hampstead Theatre.



But now it’s time for me and Mark to get very very busy indeed. The Also Recognised Awards voting is taking off, and we’ve already had a stack of Mates applications from some fantastic independent journalists and bloggers who we admire very much. For those who’ve been in touch, please bear with us while we work our way through the correspondence and next-step technical requirements. For those who are reading and watching, stand by for some exciting new voices and additions soon.

In the meantime, I want to thank some important partner Mates who’ve been instrumental in getting us this far:

  1. Director Andrew Keates speaking about being HIV-positive for TheatreMAD: what an inspiration

    Director Andrew Keates speaking about being HIV-positive for TheatreMAD: what an inspiration

    Andrew Keates and Mike Dixon – our partners in launching the award for Best Musical Direction. They’re already taught me SO much that, shamefully, I did not know about the fundamental role of the Musical Director and Supervisor. And they are incredible champions of me, the Mates and theatre in general.

  2. Tim Groves – my go-to designer of choice in all matters. Since I left WhatsOnStage, Tim has been at the end of the phone for countless projects I’ve worked on including designing my site, Mark’s site and the site and all of the branding for and the Also Recognised Awards. A genius and a joy to work with. Check out his new company Graphic Design London.
  3. Chloe Nelkin – Chloe and her team – Rebecca Newman, Suzie Jacobs and Lauren Macready – at Chloe Nelkin Consulting have done the PR for the launch of the Also Recognised Awards. As you can see below, they’ve done a great job (and there’s more to come, which I’ll add in as it appears). Like the Mates, they believe wholeheartedly in collaboration and personal connection. What pros.

Thanks to all of them – and to all of you for reading.



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