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What role does theatre play in exploring historical and political themes? I’ll explore with an expert panel following a performance at the Park Theatre of The End of the Night, the new World War II-set drama based on a true story. 

From the writer of the award-winning Three Days In May and A Splinter of Ice Ben Brown comes The End of the Night, the critically acclaimed tense and absorbing new drama based on a true story.

In the final days of World War II, a secret meeting takes place between a member of the World Jewish Congress and one of the most powerful Nazis in Germany – without Hitler’s knowledge.

Dr Felix Kersten, Himmler’s trusted personal physiotherapist, uses his unique position of influence to facilitate a meeting between the architect of The Holocaust and Swedish Jew Norbert Masur. A meeting that could turn Himmler’s thoughts away from the downfall of the Third Reich and towards a course of action that could save thousands of lives.

With battle lines crumbling and lives in the balance, the two men must try to find a way to persuade Himmler to release the last surviving concentration camp prisoners contrary to Hitler’s orders that no Jew should outlast the regime.

Ben Caplan plays World Jewish Congress representative Norbert Masur alongside Richard Clothier as prominent Nazi Heinrich Himmler and Michael Lumsden as physiotherapist Felix Kersten. Completing the cast are Audrey Palmer and Olivia Bernstone. This premiere production is directed by Alan Strachan.

Following the 7.30pm performance on Thursday 26 May 2022, I’ll talk to The End of the Night playwright Ben Brown along with professor, investigative journalist and Park Theatre trustee Kurt Barling about the role of theatre in exploring political and historical themes – with questions about the production, the Hitlerzeit and the messages the play carries for the contemporary nature of dictatorship and power. Any questions? Join us!

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