5th April 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Omnibus Theatre
1 Clapham Common Northside
London SW4 0QW
Show tickets £13-16, Q&A free
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Philip Bretherton stars as Tony Benn in Tony's Last Tape at London's Omnibus Theatre 2-20 April 2019. © Robert Day

Philip Bretherton stars as Tony Benn in Tony’s Last Tape at London’s Omnibus Theatre 2-20 April 2019. © Robert Day

It’s fair to say that seeing Tony’s Last Tape in 2015 ignited my own political activism, as well as sparking a bit of an obsession with all things Tony Benn. I can’t wait to talk to the team behind it for this incredibly timely London return season.

“There is no final victory, there is no final defeat.
Just the same battles which have to be fought over and over and over again.”

An old man sits in a room faced with a collection of recording devices that he has collected over his long and eventful life. He opens a drawer, takes out a pipe, unscrews his flask and pours himself the first cup of tea of the day. For more than fifty years, he has been recording everything that has happened to and around him, but today he has decided to make his last tape.

Award-winning playwright Andy Barrett and director Giles Croft revive this timely one-man play based on the diaries of one of Britain’s most respected, divisive and celebrated politicians, former Labour Party Cabinet minister and president of the Stop the War Coalition Tony Benn (1925-2014).

After a sold-out run at Nottingham Playhouse, Philip Bretherton reprises his much-celebrated role as Tony Benn, revealing the struggle of a man who – having found himself no longer ‘the most dangerous man in Britain’ but something of a national treasure – realises that it is time to gracefully withdraw from the fight. If only it was that easy.

Author Andy Barrett said:

“The timing feels right to bring Tony Benn’s story back to life. With a national debate about the kind of society that might be shaped, ready to be unleashed once the Brexit dust settles, and the Labour party using the word socialism with increasing confidence, it’s clear that Benn’s time as a political thinker has come again. He’s as relevant now as he’s ever been.”

The run at Omnibus will also be accompanied by an exhibition, Power: Missiles, Miners & Monarchy, unique voice portraits (Sonograms) of Tony Benn by socio-political artist and activist Tracey Moberly.

For the post-show Q&A after the 7.30pm performance of Tony’s Last Tape on Friday 5 April 2019, I’ll be joined by author Andy Barrett, director Giles Croft and actor Philip Bretherton. Tickets priced £16 (concessions £13). CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

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