11th July 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Charing Cross Theatre
The Arches
Villiers St, London WC2N 6NG
Show Tix £17.50-£49.50, Q&A free
It Happened in Key West runs 4 July to 22 September 2018 at London's Charing Cross Theatre

It Happened in Key West runs 4 July to 22 September 2018 at London’s Charing Cross Theatre

This new American musical comedy, getting its world premiere in London, sounds absolutely hilarious. First question I want to ask the writers: how did they find out about this astounding true story?!

Do you believe in undying love?

Richard Curtis meets Tim Burton. Based on a true story, brand new musical comedy It Happened in Key West takes you on a journey to 1930s Florida, where an eccentric scientist becomes hopelessly inseparable from the woman of his dreams.

Count Carl Von Cosel finally finds the girl he’s imagined all his life, only to diagnose her with tuberculosis and find out she’s married. Hilarious and absurd, this extraordinary love-story follows his desperate attempts to save her life at all costs, and the undying love he displays when she succumbs to her illness.

Dead though she may be, watch Elena come alive with Carl as he lives out their fantasy beneath the palm trees and sunshine of Key West. Funny, shocking and deeply moving, this new American musical will make you re-examine what you believe about the nature of love, loyalty and commitment (either to a person or an asylum!).

It Happened in Key West is written by Broadway composer Jill Santoriello (A Tale of Two Cities), novelist Jason Huza and Jeremiah James, a member of international recording group Teatro. Broadway star Wade McCollum (Wicked) reprises his showcase performance as scientist Carl.

Undying Love

Watch Wade McCollum singing this unsettling love song from It Happened in Key West.

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