Q&A video and photos: Little Voice makes a big impact at the Barn

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Are women punished in drama for liking sex and drink? What has modern classic The Rise and Fall of Little Voice got in common with Greek drama? What's the secret to vocal impressions?

Pressure Q&A video and photos: How did David Haig come to write and star in a play about unsung Scottish hero and weatherman James Stagg?

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If you'd never heard of the James Stagg before David Haig's latest play Pressure, don't feel bad: neither had he. Haig was approached by director John Dove and Edinburgh's Royal Lyceum Theatre who wanted to create a play about an unsung Scottish hero.

Beirut Q&A video and photos: When is an AIDS play not really about AIDS at all?

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A warning to start: Beirut is not for the prudish. In this two-hander, Robert Rees' Torch starts the evening buck naked (doing pull-ups).

The Yellow Wallpaper Q&A video and photos: What does a 19th-century American short story tell us about modern misogyny and mental health?

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Audience member Jessica McClellan at the Omnibus Theatre tweeted that last night's post-show discussion for The Yellow Wallpaper was "deep AF".

Q&A video and photos: Why has Italy largely forgotten what happened at San Domino?

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Before the performance at Tristan Bates Theatre, the 16-strong company of San Domino entertain theatregoers in the bar with some jaunty patriotic songs, with which they lead them into the auditorium.

Schism Q&A video and photos: Talking feminism, diversity, accessibility and toxic relationships with author-actor-activist Athena Stevens

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Two scratch-your-head stats shared during my post-show Q&A for Schism last night at London's Park Theatre: one, less than five percent of the UK population has dated someone with a disability.

One Minute Q&A video and photos: Who’s offended by bad language onstage and why?

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When I first saw the Barn Theatre revival of Simon Stephens' 2003 play One Minute, I was struck by the stunningly assured direction of Barn artistic director Iwan Lewis making his directorial debut.

Q&A video and photos: Katy Brand and 3Women’s stars on feminism and happiness

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So much laughter at last night's post-show Q&A for Katy Brand's debut play 3Women! Brand's 80-minute comedy-drama explores what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

The Swallow Q&A video and photos: How do homophobia and grief translate?

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Spanish playwright Guillem Clua had to cancel his flight to London to attend last night's performance of his acclaimed two-hander The Swallow at the Cervantes Theatre - so he skyped in for the post-show Q&A.

The Big Things Q&A photos and podcast: How can theatre better raise awareness about autism?

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The Big Things, at Barons Court Theatre, brings us into the world of Grace who, after meeting and falling in love with Malcolm and becoming a parent, is diagnosed with autism.
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