Q&A podcast and photos: Is Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew inherently misogynistic?

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Is Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew inherently misogynistic? Particularly with its treatment of spirited Kate, the Shrew of the title, who is starved and mentally tormented (gaslighting long before Patrick Hamilton, Ingrid Bergman or Donald Trump).

Q&A podcast and photos: What would Lucille Ball think of I Loved Lucy?

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It's always a real privilege to have the playwright involved when you're chairing a post-show Q&A. But when the play is also based on the playwright's own best-selling memoir... When the memoir recounts his relationship with a legend like Lucille Ball... Well, that's extra special.

Q&A photos and video: Monkeying around with nose flutes at King Kong

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Before I attended King Kong, Daniel Clarkson's bonkers stage parody of the 1933 film classic, last week at The Vaults, I never knew there was such a thing as a nose flute.

Q&A podcast and photos: How new British one-man musical Superhero took flight

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How many creatives does it take to make a one-man musical? The answer can be "quite a few". And that it is in the case of SUPERHERO, the British one-man - or rather "one-dad" - musical now receiving its world premiere at London's Southwark Playhouse.

My theatre diary: West End Live, Lady Day, Hamlet and Quentin Dentin

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My theatre diary w/c Sunday 25 June 2017: Lady Day at Emerson's Bar &

Q&A podcast and photos: The latest in Rotterdam’s extraordinary trans journey

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Just 11 months after I chaired my first post-show talk for Jon Brittain's Rotterdam - then at Trafalgar Studios for its West End premiere - and so much has changed. The play went on to win an Olivier Award and transfer to New York before now returning for its second West End run.

Q&A podcast and photos: Talking prison lessons with Held’s writer, director and stars

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What's the most important lesson in a prison 'education'? HELD is a hard-hitting new British prison drama exploring the broken lives of five inmates, including two young offenders (both played by Jack Brett Anderson) incarcerated for the first time and learning fast that there's a price to pay for everything...

Q&A photos and podcast: Swinging Sixties-style with new musical Pete ‘n’ Keely

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A string of hits, a cast of two, ‘Forever Plaid’ meets ‘I Do, I Do’. James Hindman's 2000 Off-Broadway musical two-hander Pete ‘n’ Keely gets its European premiere at Tristan Bates Theatre. The production, directed by Matthew Gould, stars David Bardsley and Katie Kerr as the titular stars in a primetime TV bust-up.
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