Terri Paddock interviews the writer and cast of CASES
Zooming with the CASES company

In April 2020, I was due to chair a post-show Q&A at The Other Palace for new British musical CASES. Of course, that run was cancelled due to Covid, but when composer-lyricist Dominic Powell decided to give CASES a new lease of life by recording a studio album, he asked me back to chair a discussion via Zoom with him and his cast on the eve of its digital release.

CASES was first seen in February 2017 in a showcase at London’s Phoenix Arts Centre. The release of the album, now available in all online music stores care of Pioneer Arts, marks the four-year anniversary of CASES’ inception.

CASES explores unforeseen circumstances and unexpected crises inspired by journeys and careers within the arts and entertainment industry. Four artists experience the heartbreaks, sacrifices and triumphs of their chosen creative careers.

Powell has described CASES as a ‘love letter to the industry and to artists struggling with the ever-present prospect of financial instability’. Which, during Covid when so many artists are out of work and excluded from Government support schemes, cuts even closer to the bone than usual.

In discussion with the faces behind Cases

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