UK PREMIERE OF SAM SHEPARD’s Ages of the Moon: Post-show Q&A with stars Joseph Marcell and Christopher Fairbank @ The Vaults Theatre
Oct 18 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Ages of the Moon runs at The Vaults 17 October-24 November 2019

Ages of the Moon runs at The Vaults 17 October-24 November 2019

After her revival of David Hare’s The Permanent Way in September, I’m delighted to return to The Vaults in October care of producer Debbie Hicks for the UK premiere of Sam Shepard’s Ages of the Moon

On a hot summer’s night, deep in the American wilderness, Byron and Ames are reunited by mutual desolation. By the fading light of an eclipsing moon, the pair reflect on love and life over a bottle of whiskey – and as old rivalries flare, their forty-year friendship is put to the test at the barrel of a gun.

“Definitely see this play” – New York Times 

Ages of the Moon premiered in Dublin in 2009, starring Stephen Rea and Sean McGinley, and then transferred to New York the following year, with several subsequent productions in North America and Canada.

Christopher Fairbank (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) and Joseph Marcell (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) star in this UK premiere production, directed by Alexander Lass, who has also directed The Permanent Way as well as, most recently, 46 Beacon (Trafalgar Studios) and No Man’s Land (West End).

Following the 8pm performance of Ages of the Moon on Friday 18 October 2019, I’ll be joined by the company to discuss all things Sam Shepard. Any questions? Join us!

EUROPEAN PREMIERE OF SINFULLY FUNNY COMEDY An Act of God: Post-show Q&A with deity Zoe Lyons, writer and director @ The Vaults
Nov 28 @ 8:00 pm – 10:15 pm
An Act of God runs at The Vaults in London from 27 November 2019 to 12 January 2020

An Act of God runs at The Vaults in London from 27 November 2019 to 12 January 2020

What are you doing this Thanksgiving? This American expat will be spending it giving thanks to ‘god’ directly as I return to The Vaults for the European premiere of hit American comedy An Act of God, another in my series of post-show Q&As for producer James Seabright.

God is back… and SHE has a lot to say! After many millennia, and in just 90 minutes, God (award-winning comedian Zoe Lyons as seen on Mock The Week and Celebrity Masterchef) assisted by her devoted angels Gabriel (Tom Bowen) and Michael (Matt Tedford, aka ‘Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho’) will answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since creation.

In this very alternative Christmas message, An Act of God sees a dissatisfied deity, weary of the original Ten Commandments, delivering a new version: a fresh set of rules for the modern world. This sinfully funny comedy delivers a new meaning to divine intervention as The “One” gives the first and last word on everything mankind has wrought on the planet.

“Divinely funny” – New York Times

“Wickedly irreverent… anarchic fun” – Hollywood Reporter

An Act of God, written by former The Daily Show with Jon Stewart writer David Javerbaum, was twice a smash hit on Broadway (starring Jim Parsons, Sheldon Cooper in the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory, and Sean Hayes, Jack in Will and Grace).

For this European premiere, Javerbaum has rewritten the play to feature bespoke material for Zoe Lyons and a British audience. He also continues to run the controversial Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod, through which God shares his thoughts on world events with over six million followers. Benji Sperring directs the comedy’s European premiere.

After the 8pm performance (90 minutes) of An Act of God on Thursday 28 November 2019 (Thanksgiving!), I’ll talk to our heavenly mother Zoe Lyons, writer David Javerbaum, director Benji Sperring and the company. Any questions? Join us!