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A mesmerising, moving novel about one girl’s struggle to cope after being wrongly admitted to a boot-camp-style rehabilitation centre. A powerful and page-turning read.

Justine is trying to cope with the desperate loneliness she feels now her twin brother, Joshua, no longer lives at home. After trying to drown her feelings with her first ever experiment with alcohol, she is woken early by her mother one Sunday morning. Bundled into the car by her livid parents, Justine is driven to Come Clean, a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts and alcoholics. Confused, vulnerable and covered with vomit from her first hangover, Justine is forcibly admitted to cure her “addiction”.

This is a book which should and will attract controversy, as teenagers and society struggle to identify the problems and the treatment for drug and other teenage addictions.


It’s not often i come across a book that i am really gripped and astonished by. I read this book four times, so will you!
It’s a book you cant put down. This novel really is a page turner and as much as you want to put it down you can’t…
S. Bullen
Absolute Mindblower. I would highly recommend everyone to read this book. You’ll be shocked just as I was. This is definitely, without a doubt, worth every penny that you spend.

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