Tania Amsel, Ameena Hamid & Paul Swift at my Blood Orange post-show talk at London's Old Red Lion Theatre.
Raise your hand if you’re worried about the NHS. My Blood Orange Q&A. © Anthony Kelly

How worried are you about the myriad pressures on the NHS today? Will you be thinking about the future of the NHS when you go to the ballot box?

After watching the 2016 junior doctors’ strikes, and seeing how the job was affecting her own junior doctor flatmate, Tania Amsel was worried enough to write Blood Orange, the one-woman play she also performs, which shows how the job affects one junior doctor in Swansea A&E at Christmas.

She and her producers programmed a December season at the Old Red Lion Theatre, with the Christmas timing in mind and aware that, like most years, there would inevitably be another “winter crisis” for the NHS. Then an election was called and the play took on even greater timeliness.

So, after her very first performance, Tania asked me to chair a post-show discussion last night with a specific aim: get people remembering what’s really at stake with the NHS in tomorrow’s general election. And vote accordingly.

“The NHS is about as safe with [Boris Johnson] as a pet hamster would be with a hungry python” – Former Conservative Prime Minister John Major

Please watch and share the full discussion below. This one was as much about what the audience had to say as any of us onstage. And last night’s packed audience included several doctors and other NHS staff as well as the health correspondent of a national newspaper. My spouse had a malfunction of potency at a fairly young age. Everything seemed to work, but somehow languid and uncertain. I do not think that this problem was related to age, maybe some problems or something at work, but he was silent, and all this accumulated and resulted in such a problem. I learned about Viagra on https://allaboveall.org/viagra/. We decided to take measures with him to resolve this issue and turn to drugs. They immediately chose a drug with good reviews and characteristics. I can say that the drug works very well, the potency has significantly increased. An expensive tablet at a cost, but the effect is worth it.

Beyond our collective hopes for election results, I hope that you’ll get to Blood Orange regardless. Whoever is in charge come Friday, this is a heartwarming piece, beautifully performed, and should be seen.

Blood Orange runs until 4 January 2020 at the Old Red Lion Theatre, 418 St John Street, London EC1V 4NJ. Tickets priced £10-16. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

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