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"Queen of the post-show Q&A", Terri Paddock is a theatre influencer, panel moderator, event producer, and content and social media marketing strategist with over 20 years’ experience. She founded UK theatre websites WhatsOnStage.com, MyTheatreMates.com and StageFaves.com. She is also the author of two novels: Come Clean and Beware the Dwarfs.

Counting Sheep and Maggies: 18+ Thatchers onstage in the past decade

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Steve Nallon voiced the Margaret Thatcher puppet for TV's Spitting Image and now plays

Photos: Equal parenting, Fathers4Justice and Strindberg’s The Father

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I’m still reeling after the thrillingly heated and thought-provoking panel discussion I hosted last night at Trafalgar Studios 2. This was the second in a series of post-show events I’ve programmed around issues and themes raised in Jagged Fence’s explosive new production of Strindberg’s The Father.

Interview with Nikolai Foster: A perfect touring storm with Beautiful Thing and Calamity Jane

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Nikolai Foster, artistic director of Leicester Curve Taking over from Paul Kerryson as

What’s the message of World Theatre Day? And why don’t the English celebrate it?

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World Theatre Day is celebrated around the world - but not so much in

Martin Freeman speech & the ‘exemplary’ young people behind the Mousetraps

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Martin Freeman won Best Male Performer for Richard III at this year's Mousetrap Awards.

Photos: Feminism, Fifty Shades of Grey and The Father

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How far have we come with feminism since August Strindberg was writing in the 1880s? “About halfway,” said Polly Toynbee on Monday night at Trafalgar Studios, in the first of a series of post-show panel discussions I’ve programmed and am hosting around Jagged Fence’s explosive new production of Strindberg’s The Father.

Curtain Up podcast on MyTheatreMates and The Father: When projects converge

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The Curtain Up presenters and poster boys Tim McArthur and Nathan Matthews on London's

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