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Occasionally, I have time to write about productions where I haven’t chaired post-show talks and perhaps even thoughts on topics that have nothing to do with theatre. You can find these ramblings here, including my still very popular What I Learned Today series.

7:16 pm22 December 2022

Life of Pi: Breathtaking puppetry and philosophy create stage magic

22 December 2022|Features, Opinion, Personal, Plays, Reviews, Terri's Blog, Touring, Videos|

Not long left to catch Life of Pi in the West End. If you possibly can, I recommend you beg, borrow or steal to get one of the last remaining tickets – or plan ahead now for the five-time Olivier Award-winning play’s 2023/24 tour.

2:41 pm19 July 2022

The Lesson: If knowledge is power, does ignorance kill?

19 July 2022|Opinion, Personal, Plays, Reviews, Terri's Blog|

How do you cope in a world gone mad? That seems to me to be the central question in two of Romanian-French playwright Eugene Ionesco's one-act plays, The Lesson and The Chairs, written in the aftermath of the Second World War

11:24 pm13 February 2022

Operation Mincemeat: Oh my god, this World War II escapade actually happened?

13 February 2022|Features, Musicals, Opinion, Personal, Reviews, Terri's Blog|

I have a sneaking suspicion that we have not seen the last of this little musical gem, which is - incredibly - inspired by a real-life World War II espionage episode demonstrating British pluck and eccentricity in spades. 

10:00 am6 December 2021

A Christmas Carol: It’s easy to see why this production has become an Old Vic tradition

6 December 2021|Opinion, Personal, Plays, Terri's Blog|

I love Christmas. But for the past several years, I have struggled to summon the Christmas cheer that used to kick in for me the day after Thanksgiving (or, after so many years in the UK, by 1 December at the latest).

10:38 am5 December 2021

The Shark Is Broken: This play has helped me conquer a life-long fear

5 December 2021|Opinion, Personal, Plays, Reviews, Terri's Blog, Videos|

I was fascinated by the story behind the play telling the story behind the film. The Shark Is Broken is the brainchild of Ian Shaw who co-wrote it and stars as his own late father Robert Shaw.

10:21 am17 November 2021

The Choir of Man: Dedicated to the 2000 pubs closed during lockdown

17 November 2021|Musicals, Opinion, Personal, Reviews, Terri's Blog, Videos|

Here's a sobering statistic: 2,000 pubs closed during lockdown. Lost forever. The scale of that loss really struck me when I heard performer and (brilliant) poet Ben Norris recite it during The Choir of Man at the Arts Theatre. And, in fact, it's likely an underestimate.

6:00 pm12 November 2021

Pride & Prejudice* (*sort of): Serving up Jane Austen with a karaoke twist

12 November 2021|Opinion, Personal, Plays, Reviews, Terri's Blog|

There are some shows with modest beginnings that seem to have all of the industry behind them, willing them to succeed. Pride & Prejudice* (*sort of) is one of them.

12:17 pm5 October 2021

Back to the Future: Nostalgic screen-to-stage sci-fi custom-made for superfans

5 October 2021|Musicals, Opinion, Personal, Reviews, Terri's Blog, Videos|

This is not a project born of outsiders wanting to cash in, but rather a long-held ambition, some 16 years in the making, of Back to the Future's creators.

11:07 am27 September 2021

The Last Five Years: The piano is the new star in Jason Robert Brown’s two-hander

27 September 2021|Musicals, Opinion, Personal, Reviews, Terri's Blog, Videos|

There's a line in The Last Five Years, Jason Robert Brown's semi-autobiographical musical two-hander about a relationship breakdown, that gets me every time.

11:15 am13 September 2021

Frozen: Disney’s big-budget blockbuster musical melted my heart

13 September 2021|Musicals, Opinion, Personal, Reviews, Terri's Blog, Videos|

While London has had to wait a long time for Disney’s own screen-to-stage adaptation, its September arrival makes it feel as if Christmas has come early to the West End.

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