I’ve been championing theatre, online and offline, for more than 20 years – and am as passionate about it as ever.

For over 16 years, I was the driving force behind the British theatre website, WhatsOnStage.com, and the WhatsOnStage Awards. I co-founded the company and oversaw its editorial content, branding and events until December 2013.

Since then, in addition to blogging and tweeting here, I’ve launched two new, media businesses: StageFaves.com is a pioneering social media directory and fanbase-building platform for musical theatre; and MyTheatreMates.com, co-founded with fellow commentator Mark Shenton, is a portal for independent theatre journalists and bloggers, as well as home of the Also Recognised Awards.

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Twitter_cloudbirdI love working with organisations to promote theatre through events, content marketing and social media. I have a range of affordable, off-the-shelf services for potential clients, listed below. I am also available to provide content strategy and consultancy on larger projects, and comment on wider theatre matters. Please do get in touch if you’d like to work with me.

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NEW post-show Q&A: Tue 20 Nov

Fanatical_400x400In a distant galaxy – the ragtag misfit crew of cargo ship Angel 8 are under the command of fearless pilot Iris Aucht. Meanwhile, at a conference centre, somewhere in England – a ragtag misfit collection of 1,000 fans gather from for the first-ever official convention of the cult TV show Angel 8. New British musical comedy Fanatical premieres at London’s Playground Theatre. On Tuesday 20 November, I’ll talk to writers Matt Board and Reina Hardy and the company.


NEW post-show Q&A: Wed 21 Nov

DowningStreet_Honourable“What if the Brexit vote, UKIP, even the BNP & the EDL – what if all that was just the beginning?” In An Honourable Man, written by political advisor, author and former Parliamentary candidate Michael McManus, a mainstream Labour MP threatened with deselection unleashes a tide that could destroy mainstream British politics as we know it. On Tuesday 20 November, I’ll talk to McManus and political guests.


NEW post-show Q&A: Thu 29 Nov

300x300_HotGayTimeMachine2After their blockbuster success with SIX, Marlow & Moss are back in the West End for Christmas with Hot Gay Time Machine. This riotous musical comedy cabaret, time-travelling through key moments in a gay man’s life, is performed by Toby Marlow and Zak Ghazi-Torbati, who have co-written it with director Lucy Moss. On Thursday 29 November, I’ll talk to the team about how it all came together.



I’ve been following you on Twitter, and I’m so glad I found you. I’m an actor who finds it hard to keep up with all the various castings, season announcements, changes of personnel at theatres… and you do all the work for me, which is BRILLIANT. Also, on actorly ‘down’ days, it’s great to be reminded that there are people who are so genuinely enthusiastic about theatre out there.
Nicola Sangster, Actor
I have enjoyed working with Terri for many years, on events around productions, as a journalist and a commentator. She is highly knowledgeable and perceptive, and a great champion of theatre.
Terri is a knowledgeable advocate for theatre in all its forms. Her enthusiasm for the medium is tireless and infectious. She has built an important bridge between the profession and the audience, and that work will continue successfully in various exciting new ways.

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