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13 January 2024 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Phantasmagoria post-show video and photos: How worried are you about divides in politics today?

By |19 November 2023|

I started my post-show talk for Kali Theatre's premiere of Phantasmagoria by asking the audience about their thoughts on politics today, including: are you feeling largely optimistic or pessimistic about the future?
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I’ve been championing theatre, online and offline, for more than 20 years – including running “legendary” post-show talks and panel discussions for plays and musicals across London and beyond. (As well as quite a few Zoom events since Covid!)

For over 16 years, I was the driving force behind the British theatre website, WhatsOnStage.com, the WhatsOnStage Theatre Club and the WhatsOnStage Awards. I co-founded the company and oversaw its editorial content, branding and events.

Other online theatre businesses I have established include MyTheatreMates.com, a collective of independent theatre bloggers, and StageFaves.com, a social media directory for musical theatre.

For several years, I also produced the annual Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards, the only theatre awards decided entirely, and democratically, by working theatre critics.

And, just for fun, I tweet – and occasionally blog – about theatre too!

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