I’ve been championing theatre, online and offline, for more than 20 years – and am as passionate about it as ever.

For over 16 years, I was the driving force behind the British theatre website, WhatsOnStage.com, and the WhatsOnStage Awards. I co-founded the company and oversaw its editorial content, branding and events until December 2013.

Since then, in addition to blogging and tweeting here, I’ve launched two new, media businesses: StageFaves.com is a pioneering social media directory and fanbase-building platform for musical theatre; and MyTheatreMates.com, co-founded with fellow commentator Mark Shenton, is a portal for independent theatre journalists and bloggers, as well as home of the Also Recognised Awards.

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Twitter_cloudbirdI love working with organisations to promote theatre through events, content marketing and social media. I have a range of affordable, off-the-shelf services for potential clients, listed below. I am also available to provide content strategy and consultancy on larger projects, and comment on wider theatre matters. Please do get in touch if you’d like to work with me.

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NEW post-show Q&A: Wed 6 Sep

Dust transfers to Trafalgar Studios 2 from 4 September to 13 October 2018Following one-man play Silk Road, I’m back at Trafalgar Studios for one-woman play Dust. Written and performed by Milly Thomas, this fly-on-the-wall drama centres on Alice… after she’s committed suicide, as she watches the ripple effect her death has on her family and friends. An award-winning hit at Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre, it now comes to the WestEnd. At this event on Wednesday 6 September, I’ll talk to Milly about mental health matters and her journey with the play.


NEW post-show Q&A: Tue 11 Sep

400x400_SixTwitterOne of the biggest, smash musicals at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss‘ cult herstory hit SIX returns to the Arts Theatre, where it had a handful of showcase performances in January and now returns for a full, extended season. In ‘the British answer to Hamilton‘, the six wives of Henry VIII reunite to get a few things off their chests in an unmissably raucous pop concert. On Tuesday 11 September, I’ll hear more from the queens and their royal entourage.


NEW post-show Q&A: Wed 12 Sep

BloodWedding_woman-stare_sep18Blood Wedding, Spanish dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca’s 1932 classic of passion and vengeance, is relocated to modern-day London in George Richmond Scott‘s adaptation, which explosively blends grit, fate and claustrophobia with a streak of dark humour. On Wednesday 12 September at Omnibus Theatre, I’ll speak to the adapter/director and cast.


NEW post-show Q&A: Thu 13 Sep

Unexpected Joy is the centrepiece of this year’s From Page to Stage festival of new musicals. In this premiere from the writers of Side Show and Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens, three generations of female singers have a life-changing week together. Janet Fullerlove, Jodie Jacobs, Melanie Marshall and Kelly Sweeney star. On Thursday 13 September at Southwark Playhouse, I’ll be joined by the cast and creatives.


NEW post-show Q&A: Tue 18 Sep

Square Rounds runs at London's Finborough Theatre 4 to 29 September 2018

Tony Harrison‘s Square Rounds, premiered at the National in 1992, gets its first UK production in nearly 30 years at the intimate Finborough Theatre. Proud Haddock artistic director Jimmy Walters helms an all-female cast to tell the true story of two World War One inventors who launched modern chemical warfare and its devastating effects. On Thursday 18 September, I’ll speak to Jimmy and his cast.


NEW post-show Q&A: Fri 28 Sep

AyCarmela_Poster_WebJose Sanchis Sinsterra’s Spanish stage and screen hit Ay, Carmela! gets a rare English-language outing at the Cervantes Theatre, with Portuguese-born West End star Madalena Alberto taking on on the title role played in the 1990 film by Carmen Maura. A tragi-comedy about entertainers who mistakenly cross the border between opposing sides during the Spanish Civil War. On Friday 28 September, I’ll be joined by the cast and director Paula Paz.



I’ve been following you on Twitter, and I’m so glad I found you. I’m an actor who finds it hard to keep up with all the various castings, season announcements, changes of personnel at theatres… and you do all the work for me, which is BRILLIANT. Also, on actorly ‘down’ days, it’s great to be reminded that there are people who are so genuinely enthusiastic about theatre out there.
Nicola Sangster, Actor
I have enjoyed working with Terri for many years, on events around productions, as a journalist and a commentator. She is highly knowledgeable and perceptive, and a great champion of theatre.
Terri is a knowledgeable advocate for theatre in all its forms. Her enthusiasm for the medium is tireless and infectious. She has built an important bridge between the profession and the audience, and that work will continue successfully in various exciting new ways.

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